Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

   This weekend was such a great time.  It was the opening day for Midway Little League, where both Cort and Clayton played their first games of the season, and it was Easter.  Such a great time of year and a wonderful time to reflect on the testimony of God's goodness.
    I was just watching Clayton playing ball outside with his bestie, Reagan, and thinking about how he hasn't stopped once all weekend. He's been smiling, happy, just loving life... every minute of it.  I'm SO GRATEFUL. I just can not tell you how I look at my life and think about the gratitude I feel right now.  I guess it takes the darkest moments and the Lord walking you through them, pulling you out, and allowing you to see the small things in life that make a heart just over flow with thanksgiving about the things you used to just expect and take for granted.
     We are approaching Clayton's first set of scans this month.  They are on the 16th at Cooks.  He will have a Brain MRI with contrast and a chest xray.  Rhabdo has a bad tendency to travel to the lungs and he will continue to have chest xrays along with his MRI every 3 months.  When we get the news that he continues to be cancer free, we will arrange having his port removed.  His port has not been a problem for him, but it hinders him from being able to water ski or play on the lake, and requires him to head to the hospital if he gets any type of fever.
    Clayton is a kid who has totally put the past behind him, and doesn't revisit what happened and where he's least not out loud.  His hair is back, his energy is back with a bang, and his heart feels calm.  I'm just once again BEGGING God to keep him cancer free.  It has almost been a year since we learned his cancer was gone.  Of course, most of that year was spent on treatment, but we still count it as time without cancer.  Please pray with us for clean scans on the 16th.  I can't even imagine having to tell Clayton that he's fighting again. Please consider resetting your alarm for 6:16.  We would covet your prayers. To ask for another request from an honest mom.. I have dealt with fear and anxiety my whole life. It has been a life long struggle.  Please pray that I will not fear the worst for the rest of my life, and that I will be able to walk with authority in the Lord's word that He wants Good for Clayton and the rest of us. That as soon as my stomach and heart approach fear, my thoughts will rest in the Lord's promises and the healing power of His name. Pray that I will remember the vivid images that the Lord gave me at the beginning of my nightmare of Clayton as a young adult.. healthy, smiling and free from disease.  Thank you so much for following us in prayer.  We are so grateful!

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  1. Just set an alarm on my phone for 6:16AM on the 16th to praise God for the scans Clayton will have that day that will show him to still be cancer FREE! I to have felt the rapid beat of a worried mama's heart. For me, a peaceful heart for my children is more of a journey than a destination. I will pray for your journey!