Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Clayton Officially WON

  Five years ago tomorrow I was standing in my house folding clothes.  My mind had been gone all week because I knew in my heart that the phone call I was awaiting was not going to be good news.  I knew deep down that Clayton had cancer.  I remember praying for a miracle those few days of waiting and hoping for the all clear, but somehow I knew it was going to be bad.  What I didn't know was exactly what that phone call would do to me.. to us.. to Clayton.

Clowning around at Cooks on our LAST scan day!
Oncologist, Dr. Heym
  It was the early release day for the kids in February when the call came and life after that became different than anything we could have ever imagined.  We went from blissfully ignorant, to terrified. We rushed to find the best doctors, spent weeks at Texas Children's, cried,  had numerous surgeries, cried, prayed, had more scans, cried, started 42 weeks of chemotherapy, watched our adorable innocent boy go bald, held our other crying kids who wondered where on earth God was, cried, drove 28 days straight to radiation treatments in Ft. Worth, and cried more.  After he completed his long year of grueling treatment, we took a fantastic Make a Wish Trip to Disney, which is a memory forever etched in our hearts, and then we faced follow up scans.  First they were every 3 months, then every four months, then every 6 months...getting a little easier each time.

      Today we had Clayton's 6 month scans at Cook Children's and were told that he would NOT BE SCANNED AGAIN.  We were told that based on his "roadmap" or treatment plan, he officially has the all clear!  Talk about an amazing feeling and an incredible end to 5 years of heartache, fear, anger, and suffering for Clayton.
5 years ago at Tx Childrens
MRI with NO sedation..ever
 If you know Clayton, you know he is incredible.  He's smart, strong, kind, funny, actually.. hilarious, sweet, confident and completely untouched.  He amazes me everyday.  The things this child has seen, experienced, understood, feared and lived out have done nothing but created in him an amazing little person who is literally only changed for the better.  The covering that the Lord put on Clayton both over his health and his heart is something that will make me forever grateful.  He is absolutely mature beyond his years and he has a beautiful testimony to share...when he is ready.
Chest Xray
Not pictured is Chad :)
   Today I don't believe it has hit me yet that this era of his life..our lives.. is over.  He made it. He won!  He is FREE!  To God be the glory! Great things He has done.  He absolutely healed my son.  He protected my boy, his siblings, and my marriage.  He spoke to my heart daily and honestly the sweet memories of how the Lord met me in my darkest days are truly
  some of the most precious moments I have lived even though they were the hardest.  "For this child I prayed and the Lord has given me what I have asked of Him" 1 Samuel 1:27.  We must NEVER forget the goodness of the Lord. Thank you to all of you who prayed us through.  We love you dearly!
Clayton found himself on Cooks Cancer Kids Board