Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday, Clayton!

Gorgeous sunflowers in huge fields near our house
Yesterday was the big day!  Clayton turned 8 years old!  So excited for him.. he's had another birthday cancer free and is stepping into a new summer in full health.
   This year for his birthday he decided, along with a little help, to ask for donations for Give Kids The World Village in lieu of gifts. It was so fun to see his friends and their families step forward and donate over $200 in Clayton's name to GKTW.  Give Kids the World is the darling little village made especially for Make a Wish kids.  It hosts many many children and their families each week to provide them with a special place to stay while they visit Walt Disney World and the surrounding areas in Orlando.  GKTW provided our family with an amazing villa to stay in, delicious meals, an darling atmosphere full of Disney and Universal characters, fishing, mini golf, carousal, nightly parties, arcade and most importantly to Clayton, FREE ICE CREAM ALL DAY.. even for breakfast! So thankful to have a boy who is willing to forgo his friend gifts to give back... and equally as thankful for the kids willing to give.

   This past week brought back some feelings that I wish never existed.  Clayton has been swimming in the pool every day and suddenly started complaining that water wouldn't come out of his ear. For Clayton, complaining is mentioning it once.  He does not complain.  Even at 8 years old, he's probably learned that a complaint means a doctor visit and worries from momma.  For this momma, I immediately started panicking, yet trying to hide it from Clayton.  After a couple days of watching him tug and pull, I called our ENT and took him in.  Turns out his ear was NORMAL, but did have infection in it.  It was cleaned out, drops were administered and this momma was breathing again.  Clayton was pretty happy to have that ear free again.  I have noticed that he doesn't use his right ear to talk on the phone, and possibly does have some hearing loss in his right ear.  Sometimes he repeats secrets a little off, but we were told he would have hearing loss there after all his little ear has been through. I'm trying to accept that it is ok, but pray for minimal loss at the same time.
     As we approach another week of summer, we are so thankful and so blessed and just ecstatic that our child had an eighth birthday.  Of course, we believe and have always believed that God is healer, the giver of life and our sustainer, but it becomes even more evident when we actually have birthdays to celebrate the life that the Lord has granted our sweet son.
Notice the red cheeks!  So thankful for the healthy look!
   This week Chad and I are going to Hawaii for a vacation together.  Our kids are scattered about.  Clayton will be staying with his cousin and also will finish playing in the City Tournament representing  Midway on the Blue Jays team.  The girls are in Louisiana and Cort is friend hopping for the week. Please pray for a refreshing time for all and safety in travel.  As always, please pray that our baby stays CANCER FREE forever and can live a long healthy life that allows him to walk in faith always, share the GREATNESS of the Lord and be an inspiration to others.  The Lord has big plans for this kid.  I'm So honored to be his Momma! Next set of scans, AUGUST 2nd! Believing for CLEAR!