Wednesday, November 4, 2015

And 10 days later...

     October 23 Clayton had his routine follow up scans at Cook Childrens.  It was pouring down rain, but we went through the monsoon, did the tests, and made our way home just as is routine.  This set of scans was different then most.  I didn't feel nervous.  I had a new calm over me the weeks leading up and even during the scans and waiting for the results. I just felt like it was all ok. 
  After weathering the storms and the road closures on the way home that Friday, we got the call we always get from the clinic, except this time was a little different.  Clayton's brain/ear MRI came back perfect, but the doctor suspected something might not be right on his Chest Xray and he'd need to come back for a Chest CT.  I worried, even though Chad, who took the call, tried to convince me not to.  I also knew, and had told the doctor during Clayton's appointment, that Clayton had been coughing really bad and congested.  He was on medicine for that.  The doctor suggested the cough was probably the guilty culprit, but we'd have to be sure. A cancer survivor can't take risks.
   Well, 10 days later... yes, TEN days, the scan happened.  That was yesterday.  After a week of going over the "what ifs",  a flat tire on the way to Cooks, a bunch of slow people both on the highway and in the hospital and a sleepless night waiting on that call, we learned today that apparently Clayton had a bit of a pneumonia, but he is now, in fact. .CANCER FREE.  I'm not sure how many people can be excited and blessed that their child had pneumonia, but I can and AM.
   Surprisingly waiting these last ten days has been interesting.  We didn't place the news on facebook simply because I didn't want my kids fielding 20 questions, and well, you know, sometimes people change the story a bit and I didn't want rumors starting that Clayton wasn't well.  For the sweet friends who noticed that we did not post a follow up and asked me, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.  Thank you for praying us through and for understanding when I was just kind of out of it or was not my normal self.  We are so thankful for our prayer partners. 
    As I was praying for Clayton and BEGGING God to keep him cancer free, I could hear the Lord BOLDLY say to me... "Kesleigh.. I have already told you that Clayton is healed.  He has been healed in Jesus name"  It was a reminder that sounded familiar to how I talk to my kiddos after the 5th time they've asked me the same thing. We have many new friends since Clayton's walk with cancer.  If you do not know his story and the several ways that the Lord absolutely healed him, please stop and ask me.  I will ALWAYS share the goodness of the Lord and the blessing He gave me in restoring my son to full health.
    So, today, as I'm walking around crying, or maybe smiling extra big, or if you drive past me in my car and see me singing loudly and boldly, I am in the midst of thanking the Lord for once again carrying us through a hard time, making Clayton new, and keeping His promise to us. 
   Hold your family tight today, friends.  Life is a GIFT.. and one we are not promised.  If you are healthy, or even if you have pneumonia, be thankful. It's all a matter of Perspective.