Friday, August 2, 2013

It's all good!

   I'm telling you what... I would never wish follow up scan day on ANYONE! Oh.. this day. Praise the Lord it is over! There is nothing and I mean NOTHING more gut wrenching then sitting by the phone and waiting anxiously for a doctor to call and tell you if you child's cancer is back or not.  It is a terrible sick feeling.
   Praise the Lord... our son remains CANCER FREE!  We are so thankful and so grateful we just can not put it into words.
   Today we arrived at Cook Childrens, with all 4 kids, at 10:45.  I was driving crazy and rushing hoping I wouldn't be late.  We got there at 10:50.. there was traffic, ok?? and then we waited and we waited and we waited.  At 12:45 we saw our doctor.  Two hours after our scheduled appt. time.  We had a great visit.  He said that if he didn't know Clayton's history, he would never even know he'd been through so much based on his blood work results and the appearance of his ear canal.  He says it looks great!  He also promised to call us by 6pm with the results.
   We took Clayton down to the MRI machine and as usual.. he handled it like a champ.  He picked his movie, Underdogs, and laid back as still as possible for 1.5 hrs.  He is a HERO, people.  Totally amazing.  I'm always so proud of his maturity.
   Well, we leave and 8:00 rolls around, and I hear nothing.  We are still waiting.. starting to feel sick, starting to assume the worst.  I've built up in my head that he is planning treatment options before calling me...Chad agrees that I should place a call in to the on call doctor.. I mean, if I'm not sleeping, surely he shouldn't be either, right ?  Turns out, our guy is ON CALL!  Whoo hoo... I leave a message and wait and wait.... no call.  9:00... I'm sorry.. I'm calling again.  By this time I'm just sure it's bad news.  I'm feeling sick, I'm crying, and it's just bad.  I call again.. within 10 minutes he calls and tells Chad the good news.  His scan looks identical to the scan he had last time.  No changes.. no masses, just some inflammation around his ear drum which is to be expected after 28 doses of radiation.  HE'S CANCER FREE.
    We are so thankful, but I do find myself frustrated that I worried so much instead of just resting in the Lord's promise that He gave me early on that He has healed Clayton and has promised good for him.  Fear is just sooo overwhelming when it comes to our kids.  Right this second, I'm listening to a little carefree boy singing in the bathtub.. happy and healthy.. Funny thing is,  to this moment, he has not asked me the results of his scan.  I love his childlike faith.  I love this kid! This momma is going to sleep thankful and glad today is over!

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  1. That's wonderful news!! So glad to hear it.

    I know what you mean about scan days. They can be so nerve wracking. You would think it would get easier, but so far (for me at least) it hasn't. I'm always on pins and needles waiting for the call.