Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday, Clayton

 Today is a GREAT day!  Clayton turned NINE!  We are so thankful for his health and the ability to celebrate a birthday with a healthy happy kid who just loves every moment.
    Clayton just finished 2nd grade with all As, outstanding test scores and a 4th grade reading level.  He also completed his spring baseball season doing some pitching and playing short stop along with some outfield.  He wasn't on the most winning team, but he made great friends, learned more about the game and became a better player in the end.
     Besides having a birthday, this is a big week because he has his  follow up scans this Wednesday, June 18.  This will mark 18 months off treatment and over 2 years cancer free. We would ask that you please join us in praying that his scans remain clear, and he can just continue on with his summer and his life carefree like every child his age should. Besides a bout with swimmers ear in his "good" ear.. aka.. left.. he has been healthy and loving life.
     Thank you all for continuing to pray for him and for standing with us Wednesday as we go to Cooks. So thankful for a God who goes before us, and reminds us that His plans for us are good.

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