Thursday, March 15, 2012

When life throws you lemons....


The past few days we noticed Clayton's hair just falling out. No, it was not gradual, it literally started shedding like a puppy dog. Honestly, I was dreading this. I just have been so nervous about his little bald head.  I guess thinking that once I saw it, it would just make this journey so real.  AND.. of course, I was nervous about how HE would handle it.  But, today.. it had to be done.  The hair had to go.. so we loaded up and went to Great Clips.  As the hairdresser started shaving his head, I saw that he was going to be completely bald.  So, quickly I hollered at her ... " Let's leave a Mohawk!".  She just smiled and left a little strip in the top, gelled it up, and he was in LOVE.  Of course, I know the mohawk will also be short lived, but at least for today, it left a little boy smiling.. and several kids in the waiting room jealous as their moms rolled their eyes at me for being the "tacky" mom that would allow her son to look like that.  All of them totally unaware of my motives.  The looks continued as we ventured to Walmart to pick up a few things.  There were several elderly people that were rolling their eyes and looking so disturbed by the hair.  Just a reminder to " Judge Not..."I remind myself of this as I was also disturbed by their willingness to go out in public in slippers and pajama pants :)  Just sayin... Just sayin.

     Because I knew the hair was going, I asked sweet Heather to take a few family pics in the bluebonnets.  I love bluebonnet pictures.  So, we marked to beginning of our journey with some cute pictures in the bluebonnets on a gorgeous Spring night.

Today we had little chemo that we were able to have administered here in Waco at the Cooks Satellite Clinic at Hillcrest.  What a blessing!  Our friend Temi was able to do it, and we also met one of the Cooks doctors who happened to be in clinic today in Waco.  How awesome!  He is friends with the doctors from Texas Children's, and they all seem to be happy to work together to give Clayton the best care possible.  The idea that they rise together and work to help us is humbling and precious.  It's obvious they all truly love what they do. Clayton's blood work today shows good White Cell counts among other good things, and the doctor says we should expect Clayton to have a great week.  He'll do his next overnight chemo in Ft. Worth at Cooks on Wednesday/Thursday of this next week. We are using Cooks instead of Tx Childrens this week  for convenience.  1.5 hour drive is a blessing compared to 4 hrs.

     I was thinking earlier today how time is flying.  A month ago today I was in the waiting room at Texas Children's while my baby was in the MRI machine. It was probably the darkest day of my life.  I was literally on my knees in front of all the waiting parents crying and begging God to give us a clean report.... a good word... a great prognosis. I was completely unaware of anyone else around me who was watching me.. just me and God..lots of tears.. and the floor.  A month later, we're actually ok.. We're surviving.  We're taking one day at a time, and it's okay.  We have a long road, but we're on it.  We're moving forward.  We're laying it at the feet of Jesus, being Held and expecting great things.  Our son is smiling most days, we've felt loved like never before by our friends, and we're confident that God is doing an amazing work in our little guy. The Lord is sustaining us.

 AND... this little bald head is not as scary and frustrating as I expected it to be. " He's Bald... But He's Living"... quoted from a sweet Cajun mom in the Texas Children's Playroom. As Clayton's little shirt says below.. " Life Is Good"... Embrace it!


  1. I can't hear Natalie Grant's HELD without getting a lump in my throat. And I have one after reading this post! Your words are so precious, and so is Clayton with his mohawk. Continually praying for you and your sweet family--especially Clayton:) Praying that you have a great weekend and next week ahead. Love,
    Amy Richardson Kiger

  2. Thank you so much for keeping the post going. The pictures were great and Clayton is handling the new look so well. He will probably start a trend with his new hairdo. Love and hugs.

  3. Hi kesleigh, thank you for having the strength to create this site for Kim has shared it with me through fb. I've been praying for you guys from the west. Across the nation, God has been hearing about Clayton. Living here near LA where anything goes, my southern roots were pulled when you said the other moms in the hair salon were disapproving. For there are two 1st graders with Mohawks at my school here in CA. He'd fit right in! Keep up the fight! XO

  4. I love Clayton's smile! He has such a sweet little face! Our prayers are with all of you each day. You are handling thing like the wonderful mom you are! Keep the faith, and know we are praying (even if I don't comment on each blog post.)!

  5. Love the cut! if you need any advice on being bald or shaving ... let me know :) -- we're praying!

  6. Your family's strength and faith continue to be a testimony to all. Still praying for Clayton and all of you. HE will see you through!

  7. He is SO handsome! Look out world - here comes Clayton! I will envision this fantastic face everytime I look down at my bracelet. What a great Mom you are Kesleigh! Thank you for posting the update so we can know how you all are. I praise God for the clinicians and physicians in your life right now. We need these people to have passion for what they do! Great writing - blessings this week!