Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'll take it!

 Tonight I'm sitting in a hospital room at Cook Childrens watching my little guy sleep.  It's been a super long day... honestly a long week, but I'm NOT complaining.  It only takes coming up here for a few hours to recognize that we have no room to be whining.  Yes, what Clayton is going through is terribly difficult, but friends, there are some truly hurting people just doors down. It's surreal.  I wish I new them better and could talk with them and pray for them.  The new Cooks floor is not very conducive to families visiting together.  The playroom is small and the WII machines... the most popular attraction.. are in each individual room, so there's no playing with a fellow patient.
    Clayton had an awesome visit with Dr. Heym today.  This is his Cook Oncologist.  Dr. Heym is so excited about Clayton's MRI results.  He told us today that he actually called the radiologist and all but accused him of testing the wrong area.  He said the radiologist confirmed that he took the old scan from Texas Childrens and compared it with Clayton while he was still in the MRI machine, and friends... it was GONE.. I'm still so excited.  Dr. Heym said it surprised him and he even said.. " God IS Good" which I added... ALL THE TIME.  You know, I think it's easy to say that when my son is laying across from me in remission... or NED.. no evidence of disease, but truly I know that we serve a God that is good is ALL things.  Sometimes I've questioned why in the world this stuff happens, but I don't doubt the goodness of God.
     I was just looking at Clayton sleep and was remembering the night at Texas Childrens when he came out of kidney surgery.  I remember how bad he was hurting and my heart just ached for him.  I was laying awake listening to my Iphone play... "Healing is In Your Hands"  It's a gorgeous song that reminds me that nothing can keep us from the love of God. He is everywhere and surrounding us constantly with his protective hand. WOW.. I sit here hoping the family crying next door knows that.  
    Clayton's doctor is so encouraged by how well he is doing on treatment that he gave us permission to have a " Normal" summer... Of course, we must check in before we leave the  area and report to where we'll be, but we're welcome to go somewhere as a family as long as Clayton feels like it.  Another mom had kinda scared me saying that Clayton's treatment would begin getting worse as we go along.  Dr. Heym denied that saying that Clayton is doing so well he doubts he will have too much of a different experience than he is now... and last week he was doing the monkey bars back and forth and swimming in the afternoons.  Dr. Heym also said that he expects Clayton to return to school in August.  We are crossing our fingers that the summer goes so smoothly, his body continues to respond well to chemo and he is able to join back with his classmates even during treatment.  WOW... I wasn't expecting that.  BUT.. we'll see.  I may not be able to let him go :).
   As for radiation.. today makes halfway.  We are 14 days into our 28 day regimen.  Many thanks to the sweet friends that have driven me there and back, have talked and listened and loved me through the experience.  We are blessed beyond measure.  As far as side effects from radiation, so far so kinda good. He is experiencing lack of appetite, so if you're around Clayton and he wants to eat something, the answer is YES PLEASE.  He did get big chemo today which makes round 5 of 14.  We're in the single digits remaining now :)... 9 more to go. Praying that the nausea is controlled and his counts continue to rebound nicely so he can enjoy his summer.  So thankful tonight and grateful for health.  ... The pictures above are of Clayton and me doing silly faces... and then below of Clayton completing his own profile and questionaire at the Radiation Oncologist office.  He reads off  the questions, clicks the correct response, hits print and barges through the office to the printer to get his own report.  I think he's leaving his mark for sure.  Last exciting point is that Clayton was offered Rangers tickets for his whole family.  We'll arrive for batting practice, meet Ian Kinsler (Cort did I get it right?) and get autographs.  We'll eat in the Diamond lounge and enjoy the game.  Thank you Cook Children's!  My family is soo excited!


  1. Such a great report on Clayton! GOD is so GOOD!!! And yay for the Rangers tickets - that will be a blast!

  2. What a super report. God is indeed good all the time. Your reports give me hope and encouragement as a 1st grader at my school is being treated for brain cancer and I'm praying for a positive outcome for him too. You will have so much fun at the Rangers game getting the royal treatment. I'm a big Astros fan and my family got something similar 2 years ago and we loved every minute of it. Know that you are continually prayed for from this family in Katy, TX. Your sister in Christ, Cheryl (Steve Durand's sister)