Thursday, July 19, 2012

South Padre... here we come!

Let's just play catch up for a minute for those of you who are not my facebook friends.   Clayton had his counts rechecked again last Thursday morning and his ANC had doubled, making him completely eligible for Big Chemo.  Kate and I loaded him up, went off the Cooks and had his Big Chemo.  He did amazingly well.  To this moment, a week later, he has not thrown up ONCE.  To God be the Glory!  Being able to do his chemo last week allowed us to stay somewhat on schedule for finishing his treatment.  We had a small delay, but not as long a delay as this could have been.  7 more big chemos to go.  Oh My Dear... when I think about it, it's overwhelming, but I just try to remember that we started with 14 big chemos ahead of us... Halfway ain't bad.
    So, this week, because clayton's counts had gone up so high, he has been feeling great and made a few days of the day camp he LOVES in Arlington.  We've spent the week with Chad's sister and her family while the boys attend day camp.  Clayton has loved every minute of it and is so excited to be a part.  He STILL continues to amaze me.  As a bit of educational information, I'll tell you that about 7-10 days after big chemo a child is typically at his lowest ANC count.  For Clayton, that will be today and through the weekend.  Yesterday we went to have his counts checked and get outpatient chemo and his counts are pretty low.  In fact, I'm nervous for our South Padre trip.  We have been so excited and ready to go, and the idea that Clayton would get sick and end up in an unfamiliar hospital scares me terribly.  His doctors have said that he can go, but to make sure and check in if he has a fever.  Our fever track record has been good, so we're praying that continues. PLEASE pray with us.  Pray that he remains fever free.  We are only going for 3 days, 4 nights, so it's a quick trip.  We're taking 1.5 hour flight tomorrow and then we'll rent a car and be in our own condo.  Hopefully, we can stay secluded and protect our little guy.
   This morning as I was walking I once again had a picture of Clayton that I believe the Lord gave me.  I was praying for him and for protection over his body.  I had a picture of him playing and smiling and 4 beautiful angels hovering around him....almost as if God has assigned him extra guardian angels during this time.  Precious, gorgeous picture of the Holy Spirit hearing the call of this mom's heart and sending protection.  Please pray for his counts to protect his body from things unseen.  We appreciate your prayers.
   As another call to prayer, a long time friend of mine has a son getting a biopsy this morning with the possibility of him also having Rhabdo.  Please pray for this little guy and his mom.  Pray that it's not cancer.  Thank you all so much for your faithful prayers for our family. 

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