Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Scans and Chemo

     So, after a really great couple of weeks, we've reached our big day.  Tomorrow Clayton is scheduled for Big Chemo and Scans.  On Clayton's "roadmap"  which is what the schedule for his treatments is called,  we are officially done with phase two leaving only phase three left. Hallelujah!  After phase 2...week 24, he is scheduled for a MRI and a cat scan of his chest.  That will be tomorrow!  Please pray for us as these machines scan his little body for any signs of cancer.  I have a tremendous peace about tomorrow's scans, which I can only thank the Lord for.  I believe any of us would agree that anytime one of us is being scanned for cancer, it's terrifying.  We have 5 years to get used to this feeling, and honestly, I can't fathom it ever being something we get used to.  Please pray us through tomorrow for calm hearts and GREAT results. We are told that we should get the results at our scheduled 1:00 appt.
       After the scans, Clayton is scheduled for his 9th overnight chemo treatment.  This would be 9 of 14.. We're getting there!!!  Please pray that his white counts will be high enough for him to get the treatment while we are there. Last week his white count was really low, but these things are unpredictable, so I just never know what to expect.  His actions would tell me that he's UP and ready to go, but then I'm reminded that last week he was playing kick ball with the neighbors just hours before ending up the hospital with NO white counts.  So, with this kid, there's no telling.  It would bless me if as your alarm goes off at 6:16 this evening, you would please pray that his little bone marrow is doing the best it can, helping him make counts allowing him to stay on schedule for his chemo treatments.  We are so ready to be done with this.

     These last few weeks of summer have been great for our family.  We've had some lazy days and some time to just relax and take a breath before the busy school season starts.  We've gone to the movies, gone out on the boat, gone to the waterpark, slept in, and just played and enjoyed being free.  Clayton has had a great two weeks.  It honestly makes me so sad to hit him with big chemo again, but I'm given no choice.  He is so excited to start school, and has even signed up for flag football.  I'm sure we'll be hit or miss with our attendance, but the fact that he is begging to play speaks volumes for his ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

     Yesterday we received our first call from the Make A Wish foundation.  It's a little surreal to be receiving that phone call.  I've seen these groups of families at Disney and always just felt so bad for the little person being granted the wish.  How weird to know that this time it's our family.  Weird feeling,to say the least.  How blessed we are for the opportunity to go that will probably take place after treatment is over in January.

      Thank you for your prayers tomorrow and in the weeks to come.  We are so blessed by you all.  Thankful for our Lord that is walking beside us... often carrying us... and holding Clayton close.  So thankful for those of you that are whole heartedly praying us through.  We are forever grateful.

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