Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Family Punching Bag

        This is one of my all time favorite pictures. I love what it depicts.  Clayton venting his frustration on MY new punching bag.  I've said for months that I wanted a punching bag.  We have a small tree that has fallen in our backyard.  I can't tell you how many days I stare out of my window and picture myself chopping that tree to pieces with an ax.  I know it sounds crazy to some, but a mom just needs to let it all out....preferably on something other than family members.  SO... because I'm not comfortable grabbing an ax, I did the next best thing and invested in a punching bag.  The funny thing about this is that I have to wait in line to use it.  Apparently several members of the Castle family have some frustrations to vent.  The ring leader is Clayton himself.  He's let loose on this punching bag a time or two and I just love watching him get it all out!

      Thank you all for praying for Clayton last week as he was in the hospital.  We had his counts checked on Wednesday and he was so low that we headed to Cooks for a transfusion.  Somewhere between home and Cooks on Thursday morning he got a fever in the car.  Perfect timing, Lord.  We were already there and had access to his doctor and nurses to get us through the low time.  The change in Clayton between now and last week is amazing.  He's been a little draggy for a couple of weeks now.  It's a gradual change, so you just don't notice it until he gets a transfusion, his counts go up and he's back to playing hand ball in the living room, asking Dad to wrestle, playing at the Waterpark, EATING, and laughing and cutting up.  The noise of the boys playing used to annoy me so much because it is just so loud, but now, it's a welcome sound reminding me that it's all ok.  He has just played nonstop since we've been home.  I LOVE it and so does he.

    While we were in the hospital, I felt sure that Dr. Heym was going to retract his previous statement and say that Clayton better not go back to school.  NOT SO!!  Dr Heym said that Clayton absolutely needs to start school.  YEAH.. Clayton was so excited to hear this.  He CANT WAIT!  He's already chosen his backpack and his back to school shoes.  As he was choosing his backpack, he had two choices and was saying "I just can't decide.  I need to figure out which one looks better on me".  SO Cute.  Please pray him back to school.   He REALLY wants to go and it means a lot to him.  We appreciate your prayers.

    For now, we're enjoying our high energy week and getting ready for scans and big chemo on the 22nd.  I DREAD IT... TRULY DREAD IT... Praying that it is over quickly with great results and pushes us closer to the finish line.


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