Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's a fever

Well here I sit at Cooks with Clayton today. He had big chemo last week,  number 8 of 14, then his counts dropped extremely low. We headed to Cooks for a transfusion, and when we got here, we learned he has fever and would need to be admitted.  We were told that we're here until his counts come back up....anywhere from 48 hrs to 7 days! We're pulling for 48hrs, of course! He's been given IV antibiotics, even though he says nothing hurts, and the doctors can find no infection. So, we treat just in case. One thing about Clayton, he's not a complainer. He doesn't ever tell me he's hurting, so I just never know. Hopefully these heavy duty antibiotics knock out whatever is causing his temperature. He did get his blood transfusion, so his little cheeks are somewhat pink again.

Whatever is bothering him has caused him to lose his appetite again. Y'all please pray about this with me. A momma likes her baby to eat! He's gotten so thin. He hasn't  lost but 4 lbs, but as he grows taller, he just looks so thin.

As I sit here I think about how blessed we've been to be fever free this long! I'm so grateful that this fever didn't happen last round while we were at the beach! It came on quick and really knocked Clayton back! 

We've been planning to start Clayton back in school, but when he gets sick like this, it makes me second think that decision. He wants to go back so badly! He's so excited about going that I hate to tell him that he can't. Please pray for us to make the best decision. It may be that he just attends on the weeks that his counts are high. 

Last week at chemo we learned that Clayton will be getting scans again on August 22nd. Dr Heym fully expects them to be clear, as do I, but it's still nerve wracking. I'm guessing this is a feeling I'll need to spend the next 5 years getting used to. Clayton often asks me what my biggest fear is. I always feel guilty because I never answer honestly. I simply say,"well, I'm really scared of heights.." the whole time knowing I'm living in the midst of my biggest fear...  I imagine it's every mom's biggest fear.  But, Somehow even in turmoil that is our biggest fear, we've managed to laugh, play, sing, on occasion, and even dance. We've figured out how to make the best of each day we're given, appreciate things we don't typically even notice, and recognize that a person's true character shines through, not when he's first place on the soccer field or clean up batter, but how he faces the giant that haunts him head on. I've learned things about Clayton that I might would never have known had we not had this trial. His ability to trust me, his doctors and our God is impressive. His attitude and endurance...AMAZING! His sense of humor, ( He's been known to  hide remote control rats and spiders under his hospital bed to scare nurses)
His ability to take a bad situation and make the most of it...incredible! 

So, for tonight... His fever has broken, his puzzles are done, his Smurf Village on ipad is well tended, and his hand at Old Maid was a winner. Praying tomorrow will bring better counts and a hope of leaving sooner rather than later! 


  1. Keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers! Keep the faith!

  2. I feel you, Kesleigh. You just have to be strong, and overcome your fears. It’s not going to be easy. Nothing is, especially in your case. I think you should allow him to return to school, but you need to check up on him when he is at school. Well, you just have to continue going to your doctor for checkups so that there wouldn't be any health complications. Take care always!

    Chalice Lindgren