Sunday, October 21, 2012

Family Birthday, 17 years

 Today marks what I call, our family's birthday.  October 21, 1995 I said "I do" to my very best friend and our family was born.  So thankful that I made that decision.  Boy, when we agreed to "for better or for worse" with each other that October evening, I'm sure we had no idea what exactly "for worse" would be. I'm so glad we didn't know what all we would encounter as a couple and as a family.
   I will never forget the call I made to Chad's office when I could only get the out the words, "come home.. it's Clayton".  He came straight home, saw the horror in my face, grabbed my hand and walked with me into the doctor's office.  There is something special in being in the arms of the ONLY person that can FULLY understand exactly how the moment feels. From that moment on, our relationship has certainly had some ups and downs, but we've had each other, and made a promise to keep our family together.
    Early on in this experience with Clayton, Chad and I committed that our marriage was not up for grabs. Regardless of what all happens or how the road turns, we made a commitment that we'd do it together and would walk away from this together.   Cancer in any situation can take more than just a life.  The stress and experience can be so heartbreaking, exhausting and unfair, that it can absolutely change people in a way that kills a marriage and destroys a family. I've seen it happen all around us.  So thankful that the Lord is the center of our lives and through the hard times, the tears, the heart break, and the suffering.. we still have each other.  Please continue to pray for our marriage and our family as we finish this walk with Clayton.
      Last week Clayton's counts were very low.  He was the lowest he's been yet with his Hemoglobin.  It was 7.3.  BOO! He and I ventured to Ft Worth for a blood transfusion to replenish some of those cells and help him feel better.  His white counts were low too, which is normal for this time in his cycle.  We continue to pray that his bones are able to produce the cells needed so we can keep moving forward with his treatment and be done.
   This weekend he went on a father son campout with his daddy and Cort.  The campsite was just 20 minutes or so from home, so we felt comfortable with him going.  From what I hear, he's had a great time and enjoyed being a part of the group.  This coming week should be one of his higher weeks.  So hopeful that he stays strong and feels good.
    Thank you all for continuing to pray.  We are so thankful and grateful for the grace that is being shown to our family.  We love and appreciate you all.

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