Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm pretty sure... we're moving??

  First of all, and most importantly, please pray for double angels over Clayton this week.  His bloodwork came back not so good.. in fact... incredibly stinky and we just ask that you pray that his little body would continue to stay healthy... that no illness gets through, that his bone marrow works remarkably well, and he can go away from this journey STRONG!

Well, I can't believe I'm actually having this converstion, but I'm pretty sure we're moving.  Not to get nervous, we're just moving streets, but we have a house under contract and it looks like we're moving Nov 30th! Yep.. today is November 14.. and I have packed NOTHING. Okay.. I'm breathing again...

  So, we weren't really looking, although we've realized for some time that we're needing more space, but a house one street over that is not listed became available.  We went and looked at it, realized we love it and it's a price we're willing to afford, and we made an offer.  So, now as we speak, our house is for sale.  It's not listed on the market yet because I am still sitting here kind of shocked and overwhelmed at the idea of finishing Clayton's chemo, Christmas shopping, going to Baton Rouge for Thanksgiving, taking a Make a Wish Trip in January AND... packing up a house full of SIX people, redecorating a NEW house and moving.  Okay.. WOW.. is all I can say. 

We are so blessed by the new house.  As a couple, Chad and I have always made a commitment to live below our means.. meaning we never want to be guilty of putting our focus on "things" and earthly possessions to the point that we can't put our kids through school, tithe, bless another family and most importantly, sleep at night... Don't get me wrong. I LOVE TO SHOP.. but I know the budget, kinda :), and stick right to it.. Right, Sweetie? ;) As a realtor, I see all the houses as they become available, so I sort of get first dibs.  As I have looked , I have become more and more convinced that a house for 6 people with room to move in, in my school district, was looking like more than we wanted to commit to. So, when this awesome house came up with a price we're willing to go for, we just felt like we needed to move on it.  So far, it's looking like the deal is going to go through.

With that last statement said... I have found myself unwilling to pack, gather boxes, put a sign in the yard, and tell friends.. I guess because I am hesitant for fear of it falling through.  I realize that God's hand is all in this transaction as we have released it to him fully, but I think I have lost a little bit of my security in this past year in realizing that life's circumstances can change in an instant.  I'm thinking that I will always have this little hesitation in my heart because I realize that there is truly only one "person" who knows what tomorrow holds and releasing it to Him, is not always the easiest thing.  Well, if you think about it.. releasing it is the BEST thing, but oh so hard.

So, please pray for our family as we move forward. We feel soo blessed by the Lord in this time, are overwhelmed with his goodness to our family and just are attempting to rest in the excitement and adventure that will signal a NEW beginning for our family.  AND.. please pray our current house will sell in God's time to the exact right family.  We have a GREAT 4bedroom 3 bath in awesome Woodway with a gorgeous backyard, play center, awesome neighbors (including us as we'll still be in the neighborhood:)  and a great price. 

I'm so thankful and grateful for God's goodness to us as we approach this Thanksgiving week. Thankful that I have FOUR kids to move into this home, thankful for a new respect toward life, and oh so thankful to kiss that little bald head goodnight each night.  God is so good to His people.  Take a minute to really take that in, bless Him for it and keep Thanksgiving just that.. a time to truly THANK our precious Lord.  ..BTW.. below is portion of our soon to be new backyard.. If it's God's plan, of course. Resting in His promise.. The Lord has promised GOOD to me. 

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