Thursday, April 12, 2012

I think he has a crush...

I'm pretty sure Clayton has a crush on his older cousin, Addie. Addie is his new favorite person these days. I guess her gorgeous smile, fun personality and her ipad have made her his new crush. Honestly, he loves his girl cousins! He was Claire's date to the zoo last weekend, and loved that too. If it's not Claire spoiling him, it's Addie.  He's one lucky little guy.

We just returned from his last overnight chemo at Cook. He did great. It was shorter than usual because we are learning that he can take his Neulasta shot at home, which allows him to leave before the 24 hours is up. That makes this easier for sure. We met with the Radiation Oncologist in Ft. Worth and talked at length with her. She was also very reassuring, although most of what she said went right over my head. She was going over all of the techniques and choices for treatment and it's all so overwhelming. It looks like he will be starting the last week of May and continuing through to the first week of July.
We also learned about a camp for kids with cancer and their siblings. It's called Camp Jon Marc and it's in Meridian, right near Waco. We've signed our kids up this summer and are expecting a life changing experience for them all. I'm praying Clayton will be well enough to do it.

This round of chemo has gone amazingly well. I'm thinking that having a couple pretty little cousins around has been a great distraction. He hasn't been nauseated and has just bounced back beautifully. I started to call the hospital and make sure they actually administered the right drugs... Just kidding, of course. I'm so thankful that he's doing well. Dr. Heym, his Oncologist, even commented on how great he's doing on Chemo. He is full of energy, excited about life, and still going. Somedays I feel like I'm trying to keep the bull in the pen.

Please continue to pray that the treatment is working. There are so many unknowns, that it gets so scary. I've had to become a totally different person, which I'm not always sad about. I've spent my life dealing with fear and anxiety. Sometimes crippling anxiety that truly made me miserable. Somehow through all of this, I'm able to breathe. I'm gradually feeling the knot in my stomach less...and I feel a strange calm... and all without medication. You're hearing this from the same person who had to medicate myself to get through hosting Caroline's 12th birthday party with 60 of her friends. Honestly, If it weren't for the calm that the Lord is giving me, and you all are praying over me.. I'd be in the crazy house. I said earlier this week, I don't know what's harder.... A child on Chemo.. or two teenage daughters. :) No honestly, I do find myself resting in God's peace, hoping.. and still BEGGING for the best for Clayton and trusting God that all of the doctors are right and he will be a fully recovered busy 6 year old... well, 7 by the time treatments over. I'm laying in bed at night seeing his welcome home party after his last chemo and we're all on our knees thanking God for the journey and the healing. I'm believing it! But, for now... it's week 8 and we're moving forward one step at a time. As fast as time goes by, it somehow still feels like it's creeping. Keep praying us through.. one day at a time.


  1. I've had the peace you are talking about in the midst of a tragedy. Believe me, this will make you stronger for future trials, because you can always look back & know God will always give you the peace, grace & strength to deal with anything that comes. His presence is the best!!

  2. You have an awesome team and a AMAZING coach, God. Reading your blog is like reading my life, just a few months ago. I find myself laughing and crying. Being "normal" is so very important, between the hospital and antibacterial:). Keep fighting and God Bless!!

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