Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Divine Appointments

Clayton with his team, The Marlins, and the "Clayton Wins" Banner for Little League

Wow! Today was an incredible day. It was a little chemo day. After last week, and the rough display that Clayton gave after his treatment, I knew I'd need to come up with something special to try to make this day more bearable for him. Last week after he calmed down, I was able to talk to him about how Wednesdays would be his Chemo day. It would be every Wednesday for a long time. I promised to be with him, help him, and try to do whatever I could to make it easier for him, but it would, in fact, be every Wednesday.

So, with that said, I got new Lidocaine cream to cover his port with so it wouldn't hurt to access it, and I told him we'd go see the Easter Bunny at the mall after he had his treatment. Well, we had a small delay getting there this morning. He wasn't pumped about getting up and getting the cream on his port and facing reality, and then we had a delay when I stopped by the elementary school with a carload of "Clayton Wins" tshirts. But, finally, we got to the clinic. Clayton did his chemo, a little easier than last week... just a few kicks and slaps at mommy, but now we're on our way to the Easter Bunny at Richland Mall.

   We arrive at the mall and see the Easter Bunny with no hiccups.  Just a cute little bunny, a smiling happy boy and nothing more.  I purchase the picture and then decide that the fun is not over.  I ask Clayton to walk with me and find a surprise.  I was going to take Clayton to get a Hermit Crab.  Just another little something that we could observe and journal about.  Honestly, something that could maybe make me feel a little better about what he's going through.  So, we head down the mall to Earthbound trading, where the crabs are, and just as I round the corner I see a precious little guy standing alone in the mall, right outside where I was supposed to be going, standing next to a large piece of posterboard with the words, "Prayer for Healing" written on it in in red bold print.

    My feet don't delay and Clayton and I walk straight over to him.  There is no hesitation at all, just a draw to go and pray with this young man.  I approach him, and not wanting to put Clayton through listening to another discussion about his disease I say, "This is Clayton, he's battling Cancer.  He has an inoperable tumor and we're trusting God to heal him".  The young man, Josh, asks Clayton if he knows Jesus.. to which we respond.  "Yes".  He says, "I was just standing here and my ear started ringing.  I feel like the Lord wants me to pray for healing in your EAR"  ... Okay.. so at this point the tears are flowing.... let me just stop here and tell anyone who doesnt know me.. I LOVE to shop.  Going to the mall is relaxing for me... I enjoy looking at things and finding bargains.  I have been to this mall hundreds of times and NOT ONCE EVER have  I seen this man or anyone else for that matter, standing in the mall ready to pray for me.  This is NOT normal... what else is NOT normal is that Clayton and I were even at the mall.  Even though I love to shop, I do NOT take a child on chemo to the mall.  We haven't been to the mall in 8 weeks.  It just doesn't happen...  Okay.. on with the story.

    So, Josh, as I learned his name to be, knelt down with me and Clayton in the middle of Richland Mall and prayed for Clayton.  Not a loud screaming, rip roaring prayer, just a precious heartfelt prayer proclaiming healing over Clayton's ear.  Protection over the rest of his body and grace for our family.  WOW.. Josh goes on to tell me that he would only be at the mall a short time and I just happened to be there at the right time. He woke up with a verse on his heart and the urgency to pray healing ovee someone, and Richland Mall was the place. WOW.. imagine if I wouldn't have been running late this morning! The blessing I would have missed.

  After talking with 23 yr old Josh for a short bit, he's attending a ministry school here in Waco called Acts Church.  He's lived here 1yr or so, does NOT frequent the mall, and happened here today.  We exchanged numbers because he needs me to call and tell him when we find that Clayton is tumor free! Ok.. Wow again.. this is just a firm reminder to respond when the Lord calls us to minister in some way.  Imagine the blessing that both Josh and I would have missed if he had ignored the Lord's voice this morning.  Amazing!

   Clayton and I finished our shopping, we're headed home with Joey,  our new hermit crab, and we're ONE WEEK closer to being done!

   This is the last week of our second cycle and Clayton has done GREAT.  He's unknowingly been exposed to sick kids while his counts were low this week, and he held strong the entire time. God's hands of protection are covering him. As I've described several times this week, I feel like I'm just keeping the bull in the pen.  He wants to go and go and I'm a nervous wreck to let him.  Praise God he feels good.. and to point out ANOTHER divine appointment.. his Chemo appointment today showed his counts went from 349 last week (terribly low) to 3,469 this week. WOW... Amazing.  He's able to attend his Easter Egg Hunt and go to church this Sunday.  So exciting.  So wonderful.  God is AMAZING.  He is HEALER.. He is GOOD ALL THE TIME....and he is EVERYWHERE!


  1. Such a loving God, who has been into our days before we're even there and leaves His provision for us! What incredible love He has for us! He goes before you, He knows your name! He hears you when you cry, HE LOVES ABSOLUTELY!!

  2. Kesleigh, that is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for sharing about Josh. What an example that young man is to GO and DO what God tells us to do as soon as He tells us to do it! I have no doubt that Josh was just as blessed as you and Clayton were by that encounter. Truly miraculous. Continuing to pray with you. Thank you for sharing Clayton's journey, and your own!

  3. What a special Easter blessing for your family! We pray for Clayton's healing daily and we are so thankful for his health this week. We hope that you have a very special Easter!

  4. WOW!!! Thanks for sharing! What an amazing testimony.

  5. Beautiful story - God is all about TIMING! Beautiful, blessed timing!

  6. I am constantly encouraged by our Daddy's goodness and your faith! Kesleigh you write with such profound abandoness, thank you. Lord, thank you for the many blessing you have already given to Clayton and his family. May those blessing continue to pour out and please give each of them the boldness of your Spirit to testify to ALL that you are doing, for the glory and the honor belongs to you. Lord, be with Kesleigh as she tries to sleep- you are the one who is in charge of our bodies, may her nights be restful so she is prepared for each day.. May she hear your voice, know your comfort and continue to walk in your wisdom as a mom and wife with so much to tend to- may she continue to find YOU and to find rest! We love you Lord, amen (amy easley)