Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rembering His faithfulness

Well, another week has come and gone.  Praise the Lord!  I am all about enjoying every day and all, but I do like to see us one step closer to recovery.
    Today Clayton had in town chemo which went great.  I'm learning that if we load his port with Lidocaine cream about 45 minutes before he gets accessed , it makes a huge difference.  When I write that, I am honestly thinking.... in my WILDEST Dreams... or nightmares, better yet, I would never have imagined that I'd EVER be talking about a port in regards to my little son! EVER.. but who would, right?  Anyway... today Clayton received his chemo treatment without EVEN flinching.  NO struggles, no crying, no hitting or kicking me.  NONE.. I'm so amazed by his strength and courage.  Just completely overwhelmed at his ability to sit there and watch what's going on with NO crying.  Boy, that was amazing today. 
     That reminds me that last night when I was preparing him for today and talking about Wednesday chemo and bloodwork, he asked me, " When are the nurses going to give me all the blood back that they take out of me".    So cute.. so cute.

     So today my sweet niece, Claire, joined us for chemo and our big treat afterward. THE THREE STOOGES.  It was a really cute movie and one I recommend.  It was a nice laugh that was much needed.  And, by the way, NO ONE goes to the movies at 10:45am.  It's a great time to go for a person who has a low immune system. With that said, after the movies, we got the results of Clayton's bloodwork.  It turns out, he's not low at all.  I mean, he's low by a normal child's standards, but his ANC was 1,400, which is not neutrapenic and a number I'm thrilled with for a week after big chemo.  We'll take it for sure!
     Tonight I had the precious opportunity to sit and visit with an old friend who reminded me of God's faithfulness.  I will never forget the sad day that she lost her beautiful baby to a rare birth defect.  Her gorgeous first born baby daughter met Jesus just after she was born.  I remember it as a terribly sad experience that was just unexplainable.  Why did these amazing Christian people have to endure such suffering? I remember at the time, not understanding God's plan in that.  I still don't understand it, but tonight I had the opportunity to watch her living daughter, an amazingly beautiful young teenager, dance her heart out with incredible grace and beauty.  As I was watching her dance, I was reminded of God's faithfulness.  The faithfulness that God showed their family with the births of their healthy children and the reminder that He was walking beside them the entire time.  I'm always in awe of what the Lord shows me when I least expect it.  Tonight was one of those moments. Just looking back and remembering the suffering and hurt that happened so many years ago, and seeing now the blessings upon this family was encouraging to me.  He is always walking beside us.  Even when the road seems so lonely and dark,  He shows us His goodness. 
    We have several friends hurting right now who could use God's peace, healing and grace over their families.  Our friend, Rafer, is struggling right now with cancer.  He has a precious wife and 2 young sons.  We ask you to join us in prayer for him tonight.   Also, our young friend, Molly, who has a brain tumor has had a rough week and could also use big prayers for God's healing over her.  We are certain that the Lord has a bigger plan that we can not see.  We also know that the Lord promised all of us Good. We rest in that!
      Psalm 36:5 Your love, O God, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.

    Psalm 89:1  I will sing of the Lord's great love forever, with my mouth will I make your faithfulness known through all generations.
Lord.... may this be my prayer... To sing of your faithfulness forever...

Clayton with his Nana!


  1. You REALLY need to think about publishing these posts in book form. You have a way of opening the door into your journey and sharing God's faithfulness that is a real gift. You guys remain on our prayer list.

  2. I don't know a lot about what Clayton has, but I do understand your feelings about it all. My son, when 16 years old, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Our whole world has been changed ever since. He went through 3 years of chemotherapy at St. Jude in Memphis and in B.R. With Dr. Sheila Moore.. He finished high school with home schooling and a tutor. He started LSU in Education while still undergoing chemo. Finished with a 4. Went on to acquire his Masters in Education with a 4. Then proceeded to earn his doctorate in Reading and Childhood and Early Education. Dr. Evan Ortlieb now teaches at Texas A & M in Corpus. Christi. He is well published in his field. He has not yet met a day in which he does not do all he can. His grandpa told him once to slow down. He laughed!
    Good things do come out of tough situations. As a mom of a child who was severely sick, I empathize. I pray for you and Clayton.

  3. What beautiful spiritual encouragement you feed us with your posts. Thank you for your sharing, your sentiment and bless you for your beautiful, compassionate heart for Clayton and those all around him. You inspire me and I feel so honored to lift up your requests and say thanks for you and your family. ~Hugs from the Oakleys