Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finished for today

Tests went well today. . I guess. Clayton, who was wearing his Under Armor "All I do is Win" Shirt, didn't cry once. He was an amazingly brave boy who did exactly what he was asked to do. We were able to be with him. It's so scary looking up at those screens, seeing images and wondering what the technician is thinking.... being so afraid to look into her face because you're afraid of her reaction. It's a nightmare!

I'm for sure that regardless of what road leads us to Clayton's full health, I will NEVER be the same again. Life looks different already. I am forever changed and I just need to embrace that God had these moments on His mind long ago. I'm not sure why he allows His faithful children to have suffering and hurt or why he wants a precious little boy to be poked and proded, but somehow I know He is here.

I had an amazing picture in my head yesterday in just a moment of peace that I had. It just suddenly showed up in my mind. It was Clayton laying on his side innocently sleeping. His "sick" ear was facing up. A gorgeous sparkling white spirit.. almost like an angel was leaning down whispering in his ear. Then as it was whispering to Clayton, it took an enormous inhale and then a beautiful exhale right in his ear. As if to remove the sickness and replace with perfect. I am believing that picture. The Holy Spirit is standing next to my baby and whispering health in his body. By the Way, Clayton heard me whisper in his sick ear today, several times. HE HEARD ME!

Please continue to pray as we wait for the scans to be read and calls to be made. Everytime the phone rings, my heart just falls to my stomach. Chad is taking all doctor calls because I just am unable to do it at this time. We head back tomorrow at 7:00am for an MRI. Please Lord... Heal our Son...


  1. Praying for a night of rest for all of you. Glad Clayton did so well today. Such a BIG little man you have. Praying also for an extra measure of His peace and patience for you in the days ahead. Hugging our boys just a little tighter tonight.

  2. Praying here. What a hard journey! I heard someone ask once how another person dealt with stress and the response was "I don't have a choice!" I'm glad you are accompanied in this dark place by a loving Lord.

  3. Kesleigh:
    Praying daily for ALL of your family and Clayton’s doctor and medical team in Houston too.
    I know that you are struggling this week waiting for answers,and waiting is hard. We have known each other for a long time, and I have great faith in you and your strength.
    Take care---thank you for being so kind to keep us posted on your blog. Whatever you need, big or small, I’ll help you.
    Love, Mere

  4. What a beautiful vision God has given you. I have prayed for you all throughout the afternoon. I am glad you are able to update as it helps us pray specifically. Bless you all tonight!

  5. I saw a link to your blog on Facebook. My family prayed for Clayton tonight, and we will continue to pray for him and for you all.

  6. A Blessed Vision and a gift. Our prayers continue. Our combined Faith is strong.

    Sonny and Family

  7. Hi Kesleigh -

    I know you don't know me personally, but I am a member of Highland and also Monday Mornin's. We prayed over y'all yesterday morning and I have my alarm set to 6:16 to pray everyday. I am praying complete healing for Clayton and peace for your family. Please let me know if I can do anything to help. I'm never too busy - 254-495-5403.

    Nicole Rodriguez

  8. "Those who will wait on the Lord through faith will not be disappointed or let down", I will keep you and your family in my prayers. God is Great and merciful, His miracles are everywhere, in everybody. He knows your heart and prayers and His Love will heal your son. Faith will keep your family strong and it will bring you comfort. Hang in there. :)

  9. Continuing to pray for Clayton and all of you. Grace, mercy and strength...

  10. Believing in complete healing for precious Clayton with you, Kesleigh. I cannot imagine how you feel right now but know that you are not forgotten. We have been holding you all up in prayer throughout what I'm sure are long days. Please, please let me know if there's ever anything we can do...

  11. I only know of your family through a friend of a friend. A daily bread list actually...which is very ironic indeed since I know your family will certainly be in need of bread from our Lord on a daily basis. I will pray that your son is totally healed in the name of Jesus by the hand of the only "son" every who loved us as much; to die for us. HE knows what Clayton is facing, what your family as a unit is facing. Your life verse is very fitting in this situation. To whom much is given, much is expected (paraphrased)...You can fight this battle with your head held high to Jesus and HE will be the sustaing force for every breath that is needed. I will certainly keep a vigal around your faimly with my prayer time and pray that our Lord hears our cries and has mercy on our pleas to heal your loving son. May God's grace be upon you and your family.
    With much LOVE in Christ...Cheryl

    We all want to hear...well done good and faithful servant, when we enter the gates of heaven...

  12. I am Praising God for the visit from the Holy Spirit you witnessed yesterday. That's just how much He loves you and your precious son.
    Keep believing, keep trusting, but most of all keep praising Him for WHO HE IS and what He can and will do for your little Clayton.
    As scripture shows us, praising God is so important at all times.
    I have heard it preached that it precedes the victory! So, I share this with you....."This is what the Lord says to you: 'Do not be afraid or discouraged.....For the battle is not yours, but God's.
    As they began to sing and praise, the Lord set ambushes against those invading Judah, and they were defeated".
    2Chronicles 20:15,22 Glory be to God!!!
    I live in Sugar Land if there is anyting you need while in Houston, please let me know. Peace be with you and yours.
    In His Blessed Name......prayers continue along with praise and thanksgiving to our Holy One.

  13. Kes-that is an amazing and beautiful vision! I'm praying for y'all daily and I've enlisted some of my prayer warrior friends to lift up Clayton too. I just feel so compelled to pray for your and Chad's peace and strength along with COMPLETE healing for Clayton. Love you.

  14. He is a trooper and such a sweet face. I loved your posting about the Angel as I believe God sends us Angels unaware. I believe that Clayton will be healed and you and your family will be closer to our Heavenly Father as He is our strength for each moment of the day. God's blessing on each of you.


  15. I have sent out prayer requests to every prayer warrior I know. God is faithful. Your family is in our thoughts.

    Damon Bro and Family

  16. Thank you GOD for those visions! I never knew I could feel chill bumps the way I just experienced reading your post. I have no doubt time stood still and God spoke to you. He knows what you need and we celebrate that beautiful moment. Thank you for sharing - what a gift to all of us to hear that experience.