Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Treatment Done

Well it's been some long boring days waiting here at Tx Children's, but worth it to see our boy healing so well from surgery and getting his first treatment. Who would have thought that watching your child get chemo could be both heartbreaking and joyous all in one breath?

We were told yesterday that the Pediatric Urologists would take the tube out of Clayton's side from his kidney surgery. Once the tube was removed, we'd start the process for the chemo. We waited.. the clock ticked.. we waited... Still waited until about 8:00 tonight. Apparently it takes 11 hrs for 2 attending physicians to agree on the protocol, 2 pharmacists to check the drugs, 2 nurses to double check it, blood work run and 3 samples of urine to make sure there's not a trace of blood in it EVEN after kidney repair surgery. WOW!! So, now, 2.5 weeks after diagnosis, 6 scans later, two surgeries... One major, 5 events requiring anethesia, and many hours of Candyland games, Old Maid, Sorry and lots of joke telling... CLAYTON now has started CHEMO treatments to BEAT Rhabdomyosarcoma.

He slept through it. Believe it or not, he slept through it. He woke up toward the end and was playing games, had a little bit of nausea, but not enough to cry. So glad that it wasn't worse on him. Now he's just got a bit of the hiccups!

Today we were bombared with "here's what do ifs"...Here's what NOT to do.. Here's where to go... WOW... will I EVER remember all of this? Our doctor met with us today and reminded us that while Clayton will have to miss school, sports events, camps, etc.. it's just a small window of time compared to a long healthy life. He was VERY encouraging and feels confident that Clayton, along with all of his prayer warriors, will beat this. So, with that, I am now a full time Homeschool, Cancer training, scared of every little hiccup Mom. Y"all stand behind me and pray me through it.

We'll be able to leave here tomorrow night and see our other kids. We're soo excited. I haven't seen Cort in 10 days. LONGEST TIME EVER. Can't wait.

I still say God is Good.. even when it doesnt seem fair and even when the timeline isn't to my liking. I still know God is Good and Wants good for me and my son.


  1. So good to hear that treatment has started! I will come by your house this weekend with the books! Will continue to pray!!

    1. Glad you get to come home for a bit and glad all went well for the 1st treatment. We will be praying for freedom from side effects for Clayton and protection from germs for him and entire family.

  2. Lifting you all up....continuously!

  3. Yes...we will pray you through!!!!! All of you!

    Mindy Pierce

  4. Kesleigh,

    Good morning! I wanted to let you know that we are praying for you, Clayton and your sweet family. God is so faithful and I know He hears our prayers. He is using you in a mighty way for your son and for His kingdom. Do not lose heart but know you are being lifted up!

    In Christ,
    Ann (Stewart) Kennedy (we met in the waiting room of Dr. Holland's office (Mark's sister) and I am so glad we did...I have been praying since I heard the news. Blessings to each of you!)

  5. glad you will all go home as there is no place like home:)

  6. Isn't it amazing the number of people who work on your son's behalf as you fight this battle? I'm glad you guys get to come home and will continue to lift you up. God is faithful, and His eye is om your little sparrow.

  7. Clayton is one lucky little boy! Why? No not because he has cancer, but because he is firmly in the arms of Jesus, because his mom loves him enough to be honest about her feelings and not bottle them up, because people he doesn't even know are surrounding him in prayer like a herd of elephants encircling their young when danger is near. But I think most of all because our God is and awesome God who fiercely loves His own and that's just what Clayton is! God's very own! Let you head rest against His breast for a while Kesleigh and hear His heart beat and feel him breath his love all over you. God has already gone into each day you have yet to face and left plenty of provision for you. He is faithful!!!
    Love you all so much,
    Barb Hardeman

  8. Praying, praying, praying! Blessings to you all and may your time together be so very sweet.