Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today was a tough recovery day for my little guy, but he did it! He hasn't walked the halls yet, but he has stood up and sat up in a chair. He's also now wearing his little Under Armour "Protect this house" Baylor shirt which always makes him feel better. And dear Jesus.. Please protect this little house of his.

We have had numerous nurses and staff stick their head in the door to see the kid whose kidney scan looked like it did and ended up defying the odds and proving the scan wrong. It's an amazing opportunity to tell these guys what a work God is already doing in him.

This morning we had our oncology team come in and check up on Clayton. The weekend team consist of a "Fellow", and 2 residents. As they were in talking with me, they were also sharing their amazement about the kidney situation. I then told them that many friends and family are praying for Clayton and as you all pray for clayton, you also pray for his "Team" which would be them. I told them to expect amazing things and be ready for greatness because God is greater. I noticed two of them looking at me like... Yeah.. Ok.. but one had big tears in her eyes.

This morning when Clayton was hurting while he had to sit up, I asked him, "Clayton.. do you want me to pray for you?" In his cute little voice he said "Yes." Well, on I went with a room full of nurses who were helping, praying for a little boy who doesn't deserve anything he's getting, is unaware of the danger inside his body, and who trusts in a great God to make his tummy feel better. Precious sweetness... Lord Please Protect my baby!

As a side note.. I've made a commitment that when we leave here, the Castles will be donating a room up on the 16th foor full of Pinatas, Bats, Dishes, Old Ceramics and a punching bag all for parents who need to just go somewhere, throw punches and delight in breaking things. It's going to be an awesome success and one that is much needed in this place. It's okay to be mad. It really is. Satan better flee from my baby because Momma's Mad!

Love you all! Please keep praying that clayton's cancer is already being treated even while we wait for Treatment. Please pray that God is already working his miracle inside my little boy.


  1. That was awesome news about the kidney! God IS working miracles already! We're praying He continues to work them in Clayton's precious little body. May God hold your hand, just as you are holding Clayton's hand!

    The Bordelon's

  2. Our families have not met,yet, but we have several mutual friends. I was reading your blog the other night when my six year old son began asking questions. Your son is impacting children he does not even know. He asks each day about Clayton and wants to know what next to pray for. We look forward to reading each miracle you post and continue to pray for more. May God continue to bless you in this, use you as a witness and give you strength to make it through. The Fischer Family

  3. you are quite a writer, Kesleigh. beautiful. love reading it and praying.

  4. Kesleigh,
    Thanks for the updates, although I am sure you are exhausted. I think the donation of the room is a fantastic idea...:) You are right, it is ok to be angry, and to feel those emotions. Your precious son is being taken care of and prayers are being answered. We are all praying for him and all of you.
    hugs and blessings poured over your family,

  5. Hi Kesleigh,

    My name is Jennifer and my son Marshall is in Mrs. Barrett's class at Woodway Elementary. We heard about Clayton's story today, and I am so amazed and inspired by your family's courage, strength, and unwavering faith. Clayton is truly a little fighter! Marshall and I looked at his pictures and then said a prayer for Clayton together. Thank you for sharing your story, and we pray God puts his hands (and leaves them there) on Clayton, you, and your family throughout your little boy's road to recovery.
    - The Kolb Family

  6. Kesleigh and family,
    You may scarcely know me, but I know you and your family as courageous. I know you and your family as able. I know Clayton as deserving of God's blessings, even during his trials. I've been praying and will continue to pray for you today and everyday-that Clayton may have healing, strength, peace, and power during his battle. I celebrate your little boy Clayton. May the peace of God be with you all always. I was given this same message, when I was figting cancer for the second time and I pray that it strengthens you as much as it did me.
    I heard of your battle through DeeAnne Cole. This is my prayer for Clayton: "For no word from God will ever fail (Luke 1:37) by His wounds we (Clayton)are healed (Isaiah 53:5) But I will restore you (Clayton) to health and heal your (his) wounds, declares the LORD (Jeremiah 30:17)" In Jesus' Name, Amen!

    I have many more scriptures to give you,have Clayton suck on hard candy when he is getting chemo, if he feels up to it, chemo leaves a nasty taste in your mouth almost immediately as it enters.

    May you feel God's presence tonight and always
    Lesly Yerger and family

  7. Kesleigh, just loving Clayton and all your family with all my heart and wishing all of you peace and rest tonight. Love, Mere

  8. A verse that has got me through many painful days and nights, Exodus 14:14, Be still and he will fight for you. Many times I wanted to punch a wall or yell at anyone would listen but I had to remember HE is amazing and true. He will fight for you!! He loves that little boy so much and believe it or not it hurts him so much more to see each of you in pain. You can do this!!!

    Kelli Fain