Thursday, February 23, 2012


Clayton telling Jokes on Radio Lollipop for all of the kids in the hospital.

If you know Clayton, then you know he has this adorable way of saying "Seriously??" It's with a cute little w in place of the r and a little lisp on the S. Totally cute... Well, today is just one of those days where you just say.. Sewiously??

We woke up this morning to the nurse telling us we were going down for our kidney test. He did awesome, even though he's still hurting from the port. He got up on the bed and "rode the ride" through the imaging tunnel like such a big boy. While he laid there watching "BOLT" on the tv, his daddy and I sat there praying that all would be well. Unfortunately, it is not.

He does in fact have a kidney blockage that is completely unrelated to the cancer. Apparently he was born with a kidney that doesnt work right. It works at 17% which is basically none. The doctors combined are worried that the chemotherapy would not flush out of his system appropriately and can not be given until this is fixed. So, after going through lots of options and talking with all of the experts, we've learned that Clayton will have his left kidney removed tomorrow. Yep, that's right.. my healthy acting busy little 6 year old now has to undergo another surgery to remove his kidney. SERIOUSLY

The expectation is that Clayton will be able to start his Chemo on Monday. This delay is very stressful to mom, even though his oncologist has promised us that it doesnt change his prognosis, which is good. We met with the pediatric Radiation Oncologist who was also very encouraging and made us feel better.

There's a strange calm in the room right now. I'm laying with Clayton remembering funny things and talking about silly times. It's precious and definitely an awesome moment with him. He just asked me why the page I'm writing on says "Clayton Wins". I told him, it's simple. He's a winner and he and God are beating cancer. He smiles and says "YEEESSSS"

A friend tonight asked me how Clayton was handling the information about another surgery. I told her he's okay, it's momma and Daddy who arent. She said, Isn't it a good example of childlike faith? The faith of a child is so great. It's sure, resting, calm and pleasant. After catching myself in the reflection of this huge window and seeing that I've aged 30 years in the last 2 weeks, I'm reminded that maybe I need to have a little more childlike faith, like Clayton. Rest in the love of God, place myself and my son in His arms and enjoy a little childlike faith. For tonight.. that's how I'm going to sleep.

Prayer points are
1- Smooth surgery's at noon, by the way.
2- No pain for clayton
3- Of course, for his cancer to GO AWAY.. in the name of Jesus!
4- Rapid healing so we can get him moving on his chemotherapy.


  1. Kesleigh - Thanks for your faithfulness to post these updates. I know you are exhausted and it's no fun to write, but it helps the many who are standing with you know exactly how to pray.



  2. Praying daily for Clayton, and praying for mom and dad.....children have a way of dealing with stress a lot better than us parents! Clayton is going to have a BIG testimony!!!! God bless! Laurie McGraw

  3. We have been praying daily for Clayton & your family. When I read your post today I felt compelled to comment about how God has used the cancer to point out the problem with the kidney. Who knows but if undetected could have caused more serious problems later on. Our God is awesome and He has got this!!!!!

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  5. What a brave child Clayton is and what an inspiration you have been. Thank you for sharing these difficult moments with everyone. Our GOD is AMAZING and will get you through this next step as well. We will continue to pray for Clayton as "He Will Win"

    Hugs and blessing,

  6. Love, love the childlike faith and resting in the arms of a God who is Love, Perfect Love...Isn't it awesome to know, belong to, a God who is Faithful to carry us through whatever this life brings, and to know that He will never leave us or forsake us. Thank you for the glimpses of the intimate love of God and how He uses everything. He truely is good, all the time. Bless you Kesleigh and yours. I am praying for all of you.