Friday, February 24, 2012

Surgery is over

We were moved up in the schedule today and had surgery first thing this morning. We got a huge bunch of good news. When the doctor actually looked at his kidney, it was in much better shape than expected. This is strange because Chad and I actually looked at the images yesterday that showed his kidney as pretty bad off. We believe a miracle was perfomed and Clayton HAS BOTH KIDNEYS.

The doctor did a small repair to his kidney and finished the surgery about 10:30. We are told that perhaps by Wednesday he can start his chemo treatments. Clayton is in a lot of pain, which is heartbreaking for us, but he's able to sleep and we're so thankful for that. We are trusting God to keep that awful tumor dormant, and even bigger, we're asking his for TOTAL HEALING. We believe that God will continue to do a wonderful work in our son. In fact, we are trusting Him for it.

A huge ray of sunshine today was seeing my family. My girls drove down last night with my mom, dad, sister, niece, nephew, etc. and sat with us through the surgery, saw Clayton and visited over lunch. Amazing how precious it is to reunite with our kids. We missed Cort, but he's got a little surprise coming this afternoon. Dad is going to meet up with him for his baseball tournament since Clayton will be mostly sleeping today and tomorrow. Aunt Cookie, Kim... my sister, will be trading places with daddy overnight.

Pray for
1: Healing of this surgery
2- NO SPREAD and NO ACTIVITY with his cancer
3- Miracles to continue to be performed in him

Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him, and He will direct your path"
Clayton is a CHILD OF GOD who is being held firmly in His arms. We are believing for Total healing of our son. Please continue to pray with us.


  1. Prayers are working!! You and Chad....AND THE DOCTORS...just witnessed that!! If anyone believes in miracles, it is me! I am so happy y'all got great news today! We will continue to pray for all things...little to no pain, no spread of the tumor, and for complete healing of your sweet, little boy!! Praise be to God!! Thank you for keeping us posted!

  2. Continually praying! That is such wonderful news!!!

  3. wow! So thankful for such great news. God is in control and will carry you all through this. We will be praying for complete healing, rest and peace for you and your hubby. Kristy Bonaventure Otts/family

  4. Still praying and so glad for good news!!!

  5. Hi this is Kelli, Cameron's mom. I met you in the recovery room. I hope Clayton in recovering well and y'all get to start treatment Monday. The infustion room is a little scary at first. If you have not been to it yet you may want to walk down there and take a peak before you have to walk in for the first time with Clayton. It is heartbreaking for your family and you see many other family's fighting the same battle. I will send you the link to our care bridge page. Like I said I did not start it right away, it took me months!! I went back and added the emails I had been sending out, pre carebridge. Hang in there, Praise him in this storm!!!
    Kelli Fain and family!!!

    1. Kelli... Thank you soo much for touching base with me. Please keep praying for my baby and I'll keep praying for yours. So thankful for the healing God's done in your son. PTL!

  6. Agreeing with you for Clayton's total healing!!!